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Uniter Quickly Converts Units of Measurements in Text, On Sites, and in Camera View

December 16, 2021

With the new app Uniter, you can easily convert units of measurements in a number of ways.

You can use the app to convert measurements in text, in the live camera view, photos, and even on sites with a Safari extension. And one of the best features is that you don’t need to convert on measurement at a time.

The app takes the entire text and detects numbers of names of units to convert everything in one sitting. You can also select your preferred unit system—Metric, Imperial, or UK).

Uniter supports hundreds of different unit types for length, area, capacity, mass, temperature, speed, fuel efficiency, and torque.

Uniter is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It’s free to download now on the App Store.

You can unlock Uniter Pro with a subscription of $7.99 annually or $19.99 for the lifetime of the app. A subscription removes the 500 character limit. It also unlock the unit converter for camera and photos and the Safari extension.