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Lords Mobile Sees Out 2021 with a Major Event and a New Theme Song from YouTube Star Madilyn Bailey

December 16, 2021

Lords Mobile, IGG’s hugely popular MMO for mobile, has just got a brand new theme song courtesy of YouTube star Madilyn Bailey.

For the uninitiated, Lords Mobile is an ambitious strategy game that sees players fighting to take the place of the fallen Emperor, both alongside other players through the clan system and against them in PvP contests.

Presented in a polished cartoon style, Lords Mobile is an accessible yet deep multiplayer experience, offering a ton of modes, some challenging tactical gameplay, and a whole fantasy universe of elves, mermaids, and steampunk robots to explore.

If you haven’t played it already, you should. Lords Mobile has been downloaded more than a hundred million times on Google Play alone, and it’s cross-platform across Android, iOS, and Steam, so you’ll be in plentiful and enthusiastic company.

It even has a theme song – or rather, a string of theme songs, including efforts by Kurt Hugo Schneider and violinist Lindsey Stirling.

Now it’s the turn of Madilyn Bailey to provide the soundtrack to a hundred million virtual lives.

A star since releasing her first EP in 2012, Bailey is a singer and songwriter who found her fortune on YouTube with a series of pitch-perfect covers.

In 2018 she released a self-penned title called Tetris, planting a seed in the world of video games that has finally blossomed into a fully fledged video game theme song. Her Lords Mobile theme song is called Crown, and you can listen to it now.

Meanwhile, IGG has launched a whole new event. The Leading Lords event will run from the 16th until the 31st of December, and is open to those players who have managed to achieve a select range of criteria.

Becoming an Emperor in 2021 is one of them, and so is becoming a Legendary Emperor. Failing that, you can obtain eligibility by becoming a War God, earning the highest number of Cavalry, Infantry, or Ranged boosts in all Kingdoms, or by getting the most kills, or by achieving the highest Might.

There are Special Prize Categories, too, so you can claim a prize even if you haven’t hit the benchmarks above. To get started, just head to the App Store, Google Play, or Steam and download Lords Mobile for free right now.