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Get Sum is an Easy-to-Use Shopping List App

December 20, 2021

Especially during the holiday season, many of us are making multiple trips to the grocery store to pick up items for parties, dinners with family and friends, and much more.

And the new app Get Sum can help make any shopping trip easier.

The easy-to-use and well-designed app looks simple, but also has a number of great features.

While shopping, you can see a running total of your actual spending and a running total of your potential spending. You can even set spend limits to cap the list to a specific budget.

Before headed to the store, you can assign quantities, prices, categories, stores, notes, reminders, and images to items.

You can even set up specific stores you frequent so you can receive a notification to see relevant items in your list.

Other great features include an Apple Watch app, iCloud sync, the ability to invite others to see and edit the list, and home screen widgets.

Get Sum is for the iPhone, all iPad models, and the Apple Watch. It’s also available on the Mac.

You can download the app now for $1.99.